Gmocappy has bad respons in front end

02 Apr 2024 20:02 - 02 Apr 2024 20:04 #297456 by CNCGOOS
Hello all,

LCNC was al long time wel working. Last week starts bad bij not starting up Gmocappy.
Setup: Linuxcnc 2.9.2 
Bookworm 12 ISO i have instaled 
Gmocappy latest version

I have yesterday run the update commando's to see if that solves the problem. but unfortanely no sucses.

When is start LCNC wij Classic ladder works oke
some times some buttons work with a Large Delay. 
I see also not the preloaded G codes left in the screen

dos annyone have e suggestion where /how i have to fix this problem


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02 Apr 2024 20:18 #297458 by tommylight
./spindle.hal:4: Warning: File contains DOS-style line endings.
Editing Linux files on a windows PC is never a good idea.
Unexpected realtime delay on task 0 with period 1000000
In BIOS, disable hyperthreading, power saving options, TPM, virtualisation, etc, as this will cause issues during work.
[Gmoccapy.QTVCP.QT_ISTAT][[33mWARNING[0m]  INI Parsing Error, No DEFAULT_SPINDLE_0_SPEED Entry in DISPLAY, Using: 200 (
[Gmoccapy.QTVCP.QT_ISTAT][[33mWARNING[0m]  INI Parsing Error, No MIN_SPINDLE_0_SPEED Entry in DISPLAY, Using: 100 (
[Gmoccapy.QTVCP.QT_ISTAT][[33mWARNING[0m]  INI Parsing Error, No MAX_SPINDLE_0_SPEED Entry in DISPLAY, Using: 2500 (
[Gmoccapy.QTVCP.QT_ISTAT][[33mWARNING[0m]  INI Parsing Error, No MAX_SPINDLE_0_OVERRIDE Entry in DISPLAY, Using: 1 (
[Gmoccapy.QTVCP.QT_ISTAT][[33mWARNING[0m]  INI Parsing Error, No MIN_SPINDLE_0_OVERRIDE Entry in DISPLAY, Using: 0.5 (
Those entries are missing from the ini file, although this is not the issue for now, these have to be set properly.

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03 Apr 2024 08:06 #297492 by CNCGOOS
Thanks voor the tips.

I will tinight try the channges.

About the windows/dos editor yes i know but in house is it bether near the Stove.

the other warnings i wel add to the Ini File

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