setting up for Parallel port Tutoral Part 3

18 Apr 2021 17:43 #206316 by gerritv
thank you for this succinct update for 2.2.4. The editing of can be avoided by replacing the word ethernet with db25parallel in pathpilot.json.(This is how sim mode bypasses ethernet checking)
This brings the solution to just some file copying.

It doesn't quite work on 2.7.2, The GUI hangs when it is almost up. But fine in 2.2.4. Downloading v2.2.4 from Tormach and using Previous Versions in Update gui works fine to get to the working version.


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29 Oct 2023 09:36 #284009 by LiamM
Good day, does this parallel port set up work for the latest USB version, v2.8.3, I could do with some help in getting the parallel port up and running. 
I had a PC running a small chinese mill via a parallel port BOB, was previously working fine but the HDD failed, so I bought a USB stick from Tormach, and new HDD but I'm struggling following the instructions in the tutorials, anybody out there able to help? So far managed to install the operating system and PP software from the USB, managed to change the start up options so I get the Linux Mint OS. Then when starting PP it shows 'no ethernet link detected' All help much appreciated

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