Anyone using PP and assessing files on a NAS

16 Mar 2023 11:38 #266828 by Derek240
Ok figured out the secret sauce to make it work.

Fire up the PC with the Mesa card de-powered. Let PP boot all the way until it looks for the Mesa card and stops at the “No Ethernet Link Detected” splash. Power up the Mesa card and click on “retry” and the drive will be mounted and accessible when Pathpilot finishes loading.

So what’s happening is during the boot it must have a conflict with the mount as it’s loading the Mesa card. It looks like if you give it time to fully mount the share then start the Mesa it works perfectly every time.

This is as far as I can take it since the load timing of the components is well beyond my skill set. Hopefully someone has a suggestion but in the meantime I'll just use the boot sequence above.

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17 Mar 2023 14:05 #266914 by Derek240
And a word of warning. If the fstab file does not have the right mounting info you will be basically locked out. PP won't progress far enough to get to the desktop. I had to pull the drive and use a linux read write program on my windoz machine to edit the file.
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