Linuxcnc/Probe-basic exits with error on loading g-code into PB editor/viewer

14 May 2022 14:19 #242952 by xrayjim
Thanks  in advance and I hope the text below and attached files have the information needed to help.

I am upgrading a working system from axis to Probe-Basic.
By "upgrading" I did the following:
Made backups of config and .nc files
Partitioned / Formatted HD
Used Probe-basic Quick-start to load Linuxcnc 2.8.1 and Probe-basic

Sim loads fine but on selecting a g-code file to load or when posting a conversational setup to simulate Probe-basic crashes.
I think it is related to the Opengl error in file.
    "ERROR: In /work/standalone-x64-build/VTK-source/Rendering/OpenGL2/vtkShaderProgram.cxx, line 431
vtkShaderProgram (0x55de6fe8ef60): "

But at this point I do not know how to test the opengl compatibility or if there is another problem.
Geforce 6600 LE graphics card.

I tested Axis with my backed up configs and the cnc system works as before with Linuxcnc 2.8.2
I also installed the Nvidia driver.....YEP won't do that again!  

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

server glx version string: 1.4
client glx version string: 1.4
GLX version: 1.4
    Max core profile version: 0.0
    Max compat profile version: 2.1
    Max GLES1 profile version: 1.1
    Max GLES[23] profile version: 2.0
OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 18.3.6
OpenGL shading language version string: 1.20
OpenGL ES profile version string: OpenGL ES 2.0 Mesa 18.3.6
OpenGL ES profile shading language version string: OpenGL ES GLSL ES 1.0.16

-  What Linux OS being used including kernel type?
Debian Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) 10 buster
kernel-vers -v: #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Debian 4.19.194-2 (2021-06-21)

-  What version of Linuxcnc is installed?

-  What version of QtPyVCP and Probe Basic is installed?
QtPyVCP Version: v0.3.19+15.g3ad0cc9c (

-  How did you install Probe Basic? Quickstart guide? Dev Guide?

-  Have you gone through your ini and hal files and compared to the sim config files to make any changes needed?
Sim fails in same manor as non-sim config

-  Have you added all of the necessary files in your config folder that probe basic needs to run?

-  Have you tested the sim version to see if the problem exists there also? (if the sim functions properly, it is a good indicator your issue is in your config)
Sim has same problem.  Probe-Basic screen loads and crashes when you load or conversational g-code is loaded.


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14 May 2022 17:49 #242966 by tommylight
Nicely done, thank you.
Is this a RPI?
The error mentions VTK, that is Vulkan, not OpenGL, hence the above question.
To do a quick test of OpenGL, opena terminal and type: glxgears

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14 May 2022 21:15 #242980 by xrayjim
Thanks for the help!  On a Saturday no less.
Not an RPI... If you mean Raspberry Pi.  Re-cycled desktop system.  Sorry if that shows some ignorance but that is what the acronym designated gray matter came up with this time.

RGB Gears turn at ~60 fps.  Looks good.


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14 May 2022 21:47 #242981 by tommylight
ERROR: In /work/standalone-x64-build/VTK-source/Rendering/OpenGL2/vtkOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx, line 797
vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow (0x55de692b7f30): GL version 2.1 with the gpu_shader4 extension is not supported by your graphics driver but is required for the new OpenGL rendering backend. Please update your OpenGL driver. If you are using Mesa please make sure you have version 10.6.5 or later and make sure your driver in Mesa supports OpenGL 3.2.
ERROR: In /work/standalone-x64-build/VTK-source/Rendering/OpenGL2/vtkShaderProgram.cxx, line 446
vtkShaderProgram (0x55de70db6330): 0:31(12): error: extension `GL_EXT_gpu_shader4' unsupported in fragment shader
Had a look again, it does tell exactly what the issue is.
Does the PC have an add on graphic card? If yes, pull it out and try without it.
If not, try to find a used older graphic card.
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14 May 2022 23:31 #242987 by xrayjim
** Solved! **
Thanks again! I fell victim to the "what am I doing wrong" rut. Went to the desktop graveyard and liberated a ATI Radeon R5450 graphics card. Plug and play.
The image had some signal ringing with the VGA cable but once I changed it out for a HDMI cable, image and text looks great.
Thanks for kicking me out of the rut, and pointing me in the right direction.
Best Regards, James
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15 May 2022 00:09 #242991 by tommylight
That was quick! :)
Nice, thank you for reporting back.

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