Switchable Kinematics for 5 Axis - Identity, TCP, TOOL

06 Aug 2023 02:23 #277079 by IronManDylan

I am new to LinuxCNC and have been converting a machine I have built to LinuxCNC.  It is a head-head style 5 axis machine that is using TCP to control its motion.  I am really close to having the machine fully operational.  Part of this is due to the user Aciera helping me set up a new kinematics file to run my particular type of machine.  Not to mention the help and input of many other generous people. Everything is working except that I have encountered an issue with probing.  In that I cannot get any probing module to work.  Probe_Basic wants a lot of set up, and doesn't fit on my small computer screen so is kinda useless to me without purchasing a monitor and finding a way to accommodate it on the machine. Verser probe has caused a configuration error that we cannot seem to solve.  Here is a link to my initial post where we got everything running up to this point: forum.linuxcnc.org/38-general-linuxcnc-q...is-head-head?start=0

User rodw suggested that I use qtdragon gui as it has built in probe modules and that Chris may be willing to help me get it operational.  I would really like to use qtdragon in general as it is a much more appealing GUI, but I am worried about being able to get the kinematics working that Aciera graciously wrote for me.  Also, I am not a programmer and my experience with LCNC does not extend past the last week or so.  So I will really be limited in my ability to help and troubleshoot, though I will be extremely grateful for any help anyone can provide as well as do everything in my power to help. 

I will provide a compressed file of my machine configuration as it stands right now for reference. 

Here is a picture of my machine and thank you in advance for any help you can provide.  

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