Promecor Lathe retrofit with TKXHMI

15 May 2022 19:26 #243045 by fsabbatini
Some of it as it diverged a lot, for example Python thing is not well supported (the new interface is C++ with Qt made)
File saving settings is removed, everything is database managed and updated as it runs, not at linuxcnc closing so in case of power outage, values remains.
Python preview is completely broken as I made a “simulation” preview so it does not get affected by endless loops as current Python preview works
All of these makes pretty hard to pull changes without braking users machines

My idea is to open a fork or something in the near future for lcnc modified codebase

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17 May 2022 12:39 #243150 by andypugh

-industrial tool manager with life manager by part count or by cutting time. Tools offsets and tool wears. Tool manager working as $inumerik 

Is this using the (new) tool database interface?

-currently executing line showing exactly as it should be! Even in subroutines (for gosh sake!!!)

I would strongly advocate getting that into LinuxCNC mainline.

-ethercat drive homing implemented into homing.c

Is this using the (new) homing interface?
I can't find any real docs for this, but
And sample code:

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18 May 2022 22:15 #243300 by fsabbatini
Hi Andy,
My first shot was using tooldb but then I realized that it was not what I really wanted, it is more a patch than a solution. I integrated zeromq with protobuf for messaging so I don’t only send tool information but also work offsets , variables and even settings stored on the db, no need to use file for saving stuff. The advance of this is that it is saved as soon as data changed and not only at powering off.

Sure, I can pull request line showing

About homing, I added a “drive based homing” setting on the ini to let the system it should just use the drive homing and wait for completeness. No need to use the new homing thing


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