Promecor Lathe retrofit with TKXHMI

25 Jul 2022 11:57 #248245 by fsabbatini
Hi Spumco, thats the reason i started the development of this lcnc enhancements, there are tons of machines with cnc/electronic problems and i wanted to get a good replacements of it without loosing features.
I need more time to finish 3d plotting and 3d simulation and then i will publish it with some scheme of donations so we (my team and I) can keep up the development.

The new futures we are working on:
- Multi channel (siemens name) / Multi path (fanuc name) with all that implies (synch singals across channels, assigning spindle to channel, etc.)
- 3d simulation (backplot is a different thing, remember backplot have issues with infinite looping or loops with high number increments)
- 3d quick preview (with the issues mentioned before)
- S-Curve path interpolator
- Ability to change between S-Curve and constant accel on the fly (there are some process that constant accel is better, for example threading, as you need to copy-as-close-as-you-can the spindle variations)

Best regards and patience please
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25 Jul 2022 15:43 #248264 by spumco
Thanks for the response - much as I expected.

You publish and let us know where to donate, and I'll chip in.

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