simple mill operations library

16 Apr 2014 23:40 #45992 by somenewguy
So this is my current library of ngcgui subroutines hosted on github. currently they are a little unclear how they work as I have not made graphics to clarify yet. However I think they are fairly well documented in the readme, and once you use htem they are pretty clear I think. If anyone has suggestions or wants to test them, feel free. The master branch is the one I always have deployed on my machine, I branch for each new feature (still getting the hang of git) so I can keep dangerously untested features out of my real pc. Feel free to fork or report bugs, I will incorporate any input quickly. Also if you feel like making a new sub note there is a ngcguiTEMPLATE.ngc file which can be copied as a starting point, helps keep things consistant and easier to work with, has some simple functions pre-set with error templates etc.

please check the readme, I don't want to duplicate info here as that makes it hard to find good info, but the big golden rule about mysubs is hte machine should exit them in as close to possible as the same state as it entered, the only accepted change currently is tool changes. I sadly used offset coordinates in one of my fancier subs (annulus mill iirc) so I had to pull that out of master and re-work it so that coordinates are not messed up when the sub is callled, otherwise things will get overwritten.

OH and I do all my editing in sublimeText, I think its the best text editor ever, so I am working on a syntax for it, which you can pick up here. currently it colors things nicely so code is much much more readable. coming soon, auto-completiion!

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03 Jul 2015 19:17 #60379 by lerman
Thanks for your contribution.

One easy change you might consider is to put an M73 at the beginning of each of your subroutines. That will cause them to restore most of the modal state on exit.



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