tool length probe subroutine for Probe Basic

08 Feb 2024 19:06 #292871 by TooTall18T
I would like to introduce you to my Probe Basic subroutine project: tool length probe V4.0 .

All files can be seen and downloaded on github:

The subroutine is used to measure tools on a stationary tool length probe in LinuxCNC with the Probe Basic interface.
It doesn't matter whether the measurement is started manually from Probe Basic ([TOUCH OFF CURRENT TOOL]) or automatically from the milling program (M600).
There are optional settings for the process that extend the functionality of the original subroutine.  
The machine is automatically freed and moves to the tool change point.
After confirming that the tool has been changed, the machine measures the tool and, if necessary, automatically returns to the starting point.  
Things like the use of the tool table, the frequency of measurement attempts in the event of incorrect measurements or the position at which the tool is changed can be set individually.  
An overview of the extensions compared to the original subroutine:
- Call using M command (M600)
- Use tool table
- Return to the starting point
- Pause at the starting point
- Switching off the tool spindle with selectable M command
- Additional repetitions in case of failed measurement attempts
- Last measurement without tool table
- Tool offset for larger diameters
- Alternative position for changing tools
- Alternative measurement position for 3D probes
The settings in Probe Basic can still be made there, the additional ones are made at the beginning of the subroutine.

Ideas for the future
Preparation for use without Probe Basic (any GUI)
Breakage test, comparison of value from the tool table with the last measured value

I would be happy to listen to further ideas and suggestions.
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11 Feb 2024 15:05 #293098 by TooTall18T
I made new video for version 4.0 that can be seen on YouTube:

All my videos are in German because my English is not very well.
But I translated my chatter and made subtitles for this video because I know that it's not just German speakers who watch the videos about my routine.

I show how to set up Probe Basic with my subroutine and how it works.
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07 Mar 2024 12:46 #295403 by Blume
Servus, Mega was du da so machst !
Falls du Lust und Zeit hast ich suche noch jemanden der mir beim einrichten mit Probebasic weiterhelfen würde.

Schöne Grüße

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07 Mar 2024 15:48 #295412 by TooTall18T
Moin, danke.

Wenn ich weiß wo der Schuh drückt, kann ich mal gucken was ich beisteuern kann.
Aber mach dafür bitte einen eigenen Beitrag auf, da es sonst hier OT wird.
Hast du dir das Video zum Einrichten von Probe Basic schon angesehen?

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