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Screenshot from my documentation for the sidepanel. Redframed, the options to be displayed.
Minor modifications on the RunFromLineFilter, works very good now and is extensively used.
I did some extensions of the panel during the year, then felt like cleaning up and removing some. Only a few images to display operating mode, motion type and the moving axis are left, providing clarity about current operating mode and motion. On the other hand, added some tabs for tool and offset fine correction. The tab for probing tool and offset before running a program, solves the problem with inconsistent preview/toolpath, which otherwise won't be congruent.
Using slider,checkbox and radiobutton reduces the effort needed to check the entered data for integrity. All OK button can get armed only when not in auto mode, and are auto disabled after, so almost no accidentally corrections possible. Logging offsets, corrections and probing results. Easy to undo the history, if required.
Anyway, it's about machining parts and not starring at features on screen. Very useful with pyvcp, Ctrl + E makes the panel disapear, if required.

Very basic, slim keyboard, mouse and no touchscreen

And finally the timers are running
Monitoring tool operating time:

motion.motion-type 2 or 3  (G1 G2 G3)
all 3 must be active to count tool operating time.
Reset timer on toolchange

For Tool operating time, i modified the time component to return only time in minutes. For Log, the operating time for tools is saved in a file with tools ascending. Another file, has an entry for each tool/time.

Check another item on to do list. The Notification popup, hiding parts of the sidepanel. shifted by edit /usr/bin/axis (py) line 337, enter an -X value.
Appearance before and after

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