Ethercat with EL6751 CanOpen Master and JAT Servo Drives

23 May 2020 08:08 #168658 by purged
Just a quick follow-up to my attempt at controlling ESTUN servo drives via CANopen:
I think it's not possible with LinuxCNC and Beckhoff EL6751. The drives have volatile parameters like mode of operation. I would have to configure it to 'position mode' at every start. That'd be done via SDO which Beckhoff only allows via their proprietary AoE mailbox system, which is not implemented in etherlabmaster. So next I'll probably try and talk to the drives directly with a CAN transceiver. Beaglebone Black has 2 of those on board. I don't think there's a hal driver / component for such a setup tho, so it might be too much work for me at the moment. Back to good ol' step / direction :pinch: :pinch: :angry:

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