Duplomatic BSV N 160 Werkzeugwechsler / Turret

02 Jul 2023 10:56 #274630 by Emco2342
Hi Daniel,

Reading that you have successfully got your EmcoTurn 240 now running under LinuxCNC makes me very enthousiastic as I have my eyes a similar Emco collecting dust until I am ready to retrofit it too.
Do you have anything you have shared on the internet / this forum on your beautyful retrofit job?

Best regards,


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19 Sep 2023 19:27 #281184 by Firehunter
I'm currently working on a Emcoturn 240 retrofit. But I'm having a bit of trouble to get the turret working. I used the duplo8.comp file. The inputs and outputs seem to be working correctly. I had the turret on position 4 and did a M6 T3 command, but it went to position 4. After that it kept rotating back and forth between positions 2 and 4. I found 2 changes in duplo8.comp (compared to duplo.comp). Duplo8.comp uses "while(lockingSwitch == 1)" to rotate the turret in the opposite direction, the original used "lockingSwitch == 0". That seems to be the correct way according to the manual. But when I use 0 instead of 1, the turret keeps spinning to a random position. Also at random times, not only during a toolchange command.

Does "parity_error = (pcalc ^= codparity );" actually have a use? Because the value of this bit seems to be random, constant flickering.

What could be the problem?

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