CNC Stepcraft 2 retrofit mesa + 3D printer stuff

23 May 2020 16:34 #168697 by tommylight

Aciera wrote: My philosophy is to either buy good quality used with maybe a bit of a fix up or to build my own.

Same here, i just do not like the new stuff and it taking a leave of absence at any given time, to damn complicated, to low on quality.

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23 May 2020 21:38 #168724 by alkabal
Thanks a lot for your comment !

This is a difficult decision in reality i do not really need this machine this is something like a whim, but I'm especially afraid to regret it later.

Regarding to constructing my own machine, It is clear that I still find it difficult to finish what I am starting in particular in the case of the construction of a precision machine, and already a lot of time needed my other projects (lathe and mill from cortini + isel printer/mill)

So i think this is really better to use something like a ready to use or to do nothing more lol because at the end i spent more time playing with wire/configuration/coding/ebaying than working some pieces.

Another time many thanks to all !

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