How do I get limit and home switches assigned in pnCConf with 6i25 and Probotix

11 Jan 2021 00:35 #194829 by tommylight
Pretty sure i saw in one of your attachments using an A axis....

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11 Jan 2021 01:03 #194836 by makercave
Yep, I have an "A" but as a rotary, it has no home switch. I remember running into this simultaneous homing problem before.

It looks like both Stepconf and PnConfig both spawn the initial .ini file from code. In my case it is called "Bridgeport_Mesa.ini" and it is in the same folder as .hal and the others. It appears that the code that generates these initial files cannot put all the possible parameters into the files. There are available parameters that have to be manually inserted if you want that feature.

"Home All" (Ctrl + Home on the keyboard) requires a parameter called "HOME_SEQUENCE = X" with X being an integer starting with Zero. This parameter must be placed under each "Axis" section in the .ini. It is acceptable to have HOME_SEQUENCE = 0 for all axes, and that will cause them to all home at the same time.

On my machine I have Z HOME_SEQUENCE = 0 so it homes first (to prevent hitting the vise if my knee is up high and I have a tool in the spindle) and X and Y axis HOME_SEQUENCE = 1 so they home at the same time right after the Z. Adding these parameters with these values into the .INI by hand fixed my problem.

I believe that I am 100% configured now. I will probably try to grab a piece of scrap wood later in the week and run one of my old programs on it, just to see if the machine does anything unexpected. However, I built all the controls on this machine from scratch, and have reconfigured it 3 other times over the years as new versions of Linuxcnc came out, so I know this control layout really well. I am not too worried at this point that I have missed anything, but nothing simulates running conditions like actual production, so I will probably run some scrap, just to be sure.

Really glad that I can now find modern motherboards as I go forward (no need for a Parallel Port, and super low latency) for next time I need to do a computer replace. Thanks again guys for coming to my rescue on this one!

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11 Jan 2021 01:05 - 11 Jan 2021 01:08 #194837 by cmorley
post your config files - maybe we can see something.

Oh ok I see you got it
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