V70 stepperonline VFD not responding to RS485 USB not sure what left to try.

24 Jun 2022 12:14 - 24 Jun 2022 12:16 #245773 by MrJRB
I've finally finished setting up my VFD now, I used VFDmod given it was easier to interpret what I needed to do.
Admittedly in the grand scheme of things, my main issue was just interpreting the vfd's manual with regard to register addresses & values and the fact it uses real modbus of course.
Have attached config info and .ini file below for anyone else with a v70 stepperonline vfd so you don't have to go through searching for the addresses & values.

Spindle pin linkage in custom.hal:

loadusr -W vfdmod v70_VFD.ini

net spindle-vel-cmd-rpm => vfdmod.spindle.rpm-in
net spindle-at-speed <= vfdmod.spindle.at-speed
net spindle-cw => vfdmod.control.run-forward
net spindle-ccw => vfdmod.control.run-reverse

vfdmod config:


File Attachment:

File Name: v70_VFD_20...6-24.ini
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