RPi 4 image with Ethercat drop-out? Problem with new PC build Debian Bookworm.

17 Jan 2023 12:44 #262229 by SteveP_CNC
Hi all,
Made some big advancements with my new CNC build. From the last time I was still to complete a number of basic setups which are all now done.

Homing and limits - Completed
ON/Off and speed control of Spindle - Completed
Laser control - Completed.

So, for the last few days I've been playing around with axis parameters Accel, Velocity etc and some basic programs with the router and laser etc, and I've noticed a problem with the axis tripping with following error, mostly axis 0, but has been 1 and 2 as well.
I had a look with the hal scope and started to monitor the x-drv-target-pos, x-drv--act-pos and joint.0.f.error. everything looks good with slow move errors of around 0.1mm and rapid move errors of 2mm tops. then during a move it happened, and I noticed an immediate swing of both target and actual to 0 (not physically though) and of course a huge following error - tripping the axis. unfortunately I was not quick enough to save the image and it was on auto trigger.
After changing the scope trigger to one shot I set out to capture a fault to better investigate. after many back and forth moves on the 0 axis I had no luck and had to stopped for a short time. When I came back I noticed that it had a following error and I had captured the result - this time there was no movement at all. and on the linuxcnc screen it showed max moves on the all axis which again I had not performed.

From the scope it appears that the Ethercat dropped out for 150mS - has anyone experienced this before??

My guess is that maybe the RPi has some trouble keeping up with the servo thread and drops it on a seemingly random bias. This brings me to part two which is my attempt to build another non RPi controller to check if this could be the problem.

Continue on next post.........

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17 Jan 2023 13:05 #262230 by SteveP_CNC
I'm now trying to load onto a fairly new i5 4GB 125GB SSD PC a fresh install of linuxCNC using the great instructions provided here:

Installing Linuxcnc and Debian Bookworm on problematic hardware   

Loaded Debian bookworm with the 6,1 kernel. Everything went well and then I added on top the Ethercat with these instructions:

Ethercat installation from repositories - how to step by step

Had a problem with the "sudo apt update" and something to do with security issues, but continued and everything loaded fine complied and was able to read all the Ethercat devices with "Ethercat slaves" command in the terminal. So far so good!!

I then copied over my CNC folder containing all the .ini and .hal files etc and ran LinuxCNC. This then errored out with the following problem I have attached the error file.Debug file information:
Note: Using POSIX realtime
lcec: dlopen: /usr/lib/linuxcnc/modules/lcec.so: undefined symbol: ecrt_slave_config_sdo
./XY_CNC_Table.hal:8: waitpid failed /usr/bin/rtapi_app lcec
./XY_CNC_Table.hal:8: /usr/bin/rtapi_app exited without becoming ready
./XY_CNC_Table.hal:8: insmod for lcec failed, returned -1
Stopping realtime threads
Unloading hal components
Note: Using POSIX realtime
Has anyone come across this?, I did a quick search in the forum, but the information looked very old and not pertaining to my kernel.

Any help would be appreciated.

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17 Jan 2023 13:08 #262231 by SteveP_CNC
And the file promised. 

File Attachment:

File Name: linuxcnc.txt
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24 Jan 2023 04:34 #262794 by SteveP_CNC
Hi all,

Just a quick note to say that the problem I was experiencing was due to lack of screened ethernet cables between the PC, stepper drivers and I/O card.

Trick for young players. Hope this helps out someone in the future.

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