RS485 For Hypertherms

26 Dec 2019 07:56 #153219 by thefabricator03

phillc54 wrote: There is no guarantee of when the new setting would take effect.

Thats the reason Hypertherm uses Ethercat for their hi-definition machine controllers. RS485 is a generally reliable method but its downside is its transfer speed is not great.

I will do some testing on the weekend Phill, so you can finally push this update to keep the people happy!
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26 Dec 2019 08:48 #153220 by rodw
Replied by rodw on topic RS485 For Hypertherms
The soft peck would be quite doable. Normally, in Sheetcam you create a seperate layer with all the holes on it and then run a plasma drill operation on that layer. So you could define the lower current in the Plasmac material definition that Sheetcam retrieves.

Sheetcam's cut rules are more or less redundant with Plasmac because of its hole mode and the Corner lock feature that disables the THC when velocity falls below a threshold. I certainly don't use cutting rules.

But remember that the RS485 is a user space function so you have two problems: Its not real time and its slow to send the package.

As Stefan says, the big machines use Ethercat and then you don't even need to measure arc voltage or wire in an ArcOK signal because its all on the ethercat BUS.

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