Sheetcam Material always goes to default

09 Sep 2022 20:00 #251567 by RobKin
Just got my plasma working and trying to figure out all the settings and the software side,
So I am just testing some basic shapes made with Draftsight then converting it to gcode with SheetCAM.  These are just trial account as I am learning what will work for me.

I added all my some material settings for the material I am using to test in LinuxCNC.
I can load this material into LinuxCNC but as soon as the file from SheetCAM is started it changes the material to default.
I tried loading material settings into tools in sheetcam but the file will still just set my machine to default:00000

Can I make sheetcam just not load material, and let the machine use the setting loaded?

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10 Sep 2022 04:12 #251600 by phillc54
The attached postprocessor will do that, you need to use tool number zero for the operations.
All other tools besides zero will set the material number to the tool number.
It doesn't do temporary materials.
You will need to remove the .txt from the end.

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