VTK Backplot on RPi 4

20 May 2020 01:01 #168323 by reflow
VTK Backplot on RPi 4 was created by reflow
I posted this here because it seems specific to the QtPyVCP backplot. Happy for it to be moved.

I've successfully gotten the rest of the ProbeBasic interface running on the RPi4 however I'm having issues finding a VTK version which is functional here, and I'm wondering if anyone else has achieved this?

Raspberry Pi 4B
Raspbian Buster Lite
Linux raspberrypi 4.19.71-rt24-v7l+ #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Kernel
Mesa 7i92 (Ethernet)
LinuxCNC built from 2.8 Branch
QtPyVCP from HEAD Apr27 ae59b847
This was all assembled from John's excellent instructions here: gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/uspace/rpi4-rt.html

I then built QT (c6128fc67c) in order to get a QTDesigner binary and am successfully able to use
from the RPi.

For VTK, John suggests installing from Debian package and this provides VTK6 with QT4. However the QtPyVCP project appears to depend on QT5?
I have tried building both VTK HEAD and VTK 8.2.0, and hit varying issues, all associated with OpenGL ES differences.
I'm presently compiling VTK 7.1.1, as I found some commentary on Slicer and FreeCAD maybe working on RPi4 from this release with a few hacks, but I'm not hopeful.

Am I missing something, has anyone got this running, or can perhaps point me in the right direction?
Photo; just because getting this far seemed like an achievement.

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20 May 2020 01:12 #168326 by reflow
Replied by reflow on topic VTK Backplot on RPi 4
For those trying to avoid building Qt/PyQt. My QtDesigner is attached.
This is based off of the instructions here: www.qtpyvcp.com/install/installation.html
And the install target becomes:

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23 May 2020 18:34 #168705 by cakeslob
Replied by cakeslob on topic VTK Backplot on RPi 4
user Scotta seems to have been working around this issue for a while and seems to have it working using archlinux. I dont know how similar the qtpyvcp backplot it to the qtvcp backplot, so I apologize since most of my reference material is for qtvcp , but I think he is using qtpyvcp now

scotta describes his initial issue
scotta gets it working
scotta install instructions

me, personally, I dont know to switch over linux to arch. I was going to try and embed gremlin_view into the window and use that instead of the qt backplots, I can get gremlin_view to load and run fine along side a qt screen with no qt preview loaded . perhaps these things will work when rpi releases that new graphics driver...

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