USB haas operator panel interface

21 Jul 2021 08:40 - 21 Jul 2021 08:46 #215462 by Sviper

Ok here is the other pic.
I'm holding a speaker I salvaged from a motherboard.
There is a momentary button out of the picture used to set the mega's USB chip into upload mode.


I have my Haas keyboard running with the Arduino as a USB keyboard.
However, many keys are unassigned.
Is there a way to create Hal pins from a key combination. I imagine CTRL+K --> Hal input --> cooling on for example.
Or is there someone who has a newer version incl. Hal config?

cmorley do you already have a new version?
Or a version with Smart Serial incl. the config for linuxcnc?
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23 Jul 2021 01:11 #215628 by cmorley
I have not got back to anything more with this unfortunately.
you could use hal_input to convert the button presses to HAL pins but then you lose the regular keyboard part.

Yes many keys are not assigned - they need to be filled into the stdKeys or shiftKeys or altKeys array.
I could add another array specifically for cntrl keys too.

I have not git an STM32 running sserial yet (only played a little unsuccessfully then ran out of time).


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