calssicladder and ethercat

12 Apr 2022 22:02 #240088 by bkt
Replied by bkt on topic calssicladder and ethercat
Seems a possible solution was dgarret extrajoints ..... because unlink to kinematics .... hope can be drive from simple_tp or limit3 without problem regarding MDI or auto mode ....

About specific problem .... homing can be not a problem .... really problem was run a joint in MDI and at same time run other joint with simple_tp with all 2 joints running at same time and with not relation. Unlink kinematics from joints can be the first step. Not sure about run one joint in MDI and one joint with simple_tp at same time using extrajoints can be possible .... but ideas seems a right way to do .....

About my drive can try if possible manage modes_of_operation with drive enabled .... but if well remember from manual .... I think not.


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