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Simple Update Script

create a desktop shortcut and within it add the following text:
Call it something line Update.Desktop
You will probably need to change the icon file to one you like or have available.
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=bash /home/chips/

Create a file in the home directory called "" {if you change it to something else change the text in the desktop icon.....}

Once you save the file you will need to make it executable
via terminal type:
chmod 774

cope and paste the following text into your file.
Note this is what I use.... you may not want to update your system....
I am also running a RIP install (for QTPlasmaC on Master) and a 2.8.2 install on Buster so that I can use NativeCAM (python2.7) for mill and lathe.
Hence I have 2 installs of linuxcnc as I would like to still use Python2.7 (for the time being).
#! /bin/sh
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y
#cd ~/linuxcnc-dev/src
./configure --with-realtime=uspace
make -j4
sudo make setuid
echo -e "\e[1;41mall done!!\e[1;m"
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