Rods "Spaceship" Scratch built Plasma Cutter build

23 Apr 2022 21:46 #241029 by rodw
Yes, when I started making these parts 12 years ago I cut down 32mm x 8mm flat bar, drilled the holes and used a tapping head in a drill press. Then I got the blanks laser cut. Then I outsourced the whole job in Australia but they would often stuff up. So I sent it to China for a while and they never stuffed up.

But with all the logistics issues ex China, I decided to bring it back in house.
The little Seig SX3 mill shown with the sliding jig has a tapping function so pressing a button on the handle reverses direction so it works really well. Much easier than the bulky tapping head.

Using the jog function on the CNC VFD in manual mode is also just as good as the SX3 tapping mode and the 1.5 kW 3 phase spindle eats the countersinking.

The CNC plan is to hold 10 at a time with the parts located on a 10mm dowel in the spare hole that is needed for clearance purposes. For threading in the absence of an encoder input on the Ethercat electronics, I plan to use a 3 thread M8 x 1.25 threadmill. I've tested this in aluminium and the results are perfect.

Somebody suggested milling the countersink with a 12mm 45 deg spot drill to make it easier on the machine but I think just plunging with a countersink will be faster.

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24 Apr 2022 00:56 #241044 by machinedude
plunging with the counter sink would be faster and faster is better until something breaks :) then a ramping tool path is going to seem like a great idea after the fact :) well that's usually how my luck goes most of the time anyways :)

sometimes slow and easy wins the race in the long run, if you have something running smooth then it frees you up to do other things and not worry about the one machine that is pushing it's limits. fixturing to do as many parts as you can fit on the machine is good too. the longer it runs the more productive you are doing other things.

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