Powermax 45xp lost arc delay (Solved)

22 Apr 2021 23:11 #206843 by beefy
CPC, what's that, Cutie Plasma Cutter maybe :P

I'm still in the dark ages, not using any CPC connector.

I don't have the polarity yet, not even connected up the plasma cutter, but should be doing it today.

My arc voltage is full voltage, no voltage divider. There are dedicated terminals inside the cutter where you can connect the sensing wires.

I'm using a hand torch at present (despite having a nice Duramax machine torch) and have simply tapped into the torch switch wires, so my torch on relay contact (on my old system) was wired in parallel with the hand torch switch.
What I'm going to do is try measuring the polarity of the Torch On wires from the plasma cutter and match them to the 7i96 output polarity. So if we have wires A and B from the plasma cutter, if A is more positive than B, I'll connect A to the 7i96 +ve output terminal, and B to the 7i96 -ve terminal. Then just for experimenting I'll probably reverse that to see if the torch fires when the output is off, just like what you experienced.

I'll let you know how that goes.


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23 Apr 2021 08:11 #206853 by beefy
Hey Rod,

got the plasma cutter firing from the Mesa 7i96. As mentioned last post, I simply checked to see which of the two Torch Fire wires was the positive one, and connected that one to the +ve of the output terminal pair on the 7i96.

Seems to be working like a charm.

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