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18 May 2020 07:22 #168132 by anfänger

Lcvette wrote:
still under construction at the moment but low on the list of priorities unfortunately, it will need some pretty heavy duty work i think to get up and running. but if anyone out there who knows database coding and who could help to set it up that would be awesome. there was a lot of discussion about making the fusion tool table and linuxcnc tool library updated together, that would be pretty sweet ithink! coders needed!! :D

Sadly I have no clue from python, I did some perl and still do some sql but I never worked with other people and I don't have the time to learn python right now.

But I have another question. Ho Do I use "rum from here" it never seems to work for me.

Thanks Patrick

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18 Jun 2020 19:37 - 23 Jun 2020 21:54 #172033 by PhilCNC
I'm trying to get a fault on a stepper drive to stop the machine. I've used the line "net faulty axis.1.amp-fault-in <= hm2_7i76e.0.7i76.0.0.input-20" to trigger a fault when 24v is applied to TB5 pin5 in Axis GUI, but it doens't seem to work in probe basic. pin 20 is getting a signal in the halmeter, and I checked voltage with halmeter, but nothing is showing up in probe basic. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Edit: 6-23-2020
I noticed the function to override the limit switch signal doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have the same experience? Also It would be very nice to have a backlash test function as well. I plan on learning Python pretty soon, so I might be able to help make this GUI complete in the near future. Anyway, I greatly appreciate using this software, thank you for making it free! The US government should help with funding this project in the same way it pays for funding of scientific research, colleges and much more. A Patreon or something should be setup, I would be happy to chip in.
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19 Jun 2020 23:58 #172127 by blazini36
I've been looking at this GUI for some time but never tried it because I've never picked up a touchprobe but I may soon do so.

I'm currently using gmoccapy with the auto tool measurement setup, which has worked fine for 2 years now. However that was because I used a toolsetter block which was a slug of aluminum that completed a circuit when the tool touched it. I had magnets in it and bumped it around for toolchanges to wider tools like facemills and such.

I just started using an optical toolsetter, but this has a smaller touch surface and it has to be bolted to the table. Now I have an issue of the tool measurement point not being the center of the tool and it's not something I can workaround unless the macro was modified to allow tool offsets to be specified per tool while probing.

DOes probe basic have any tool measurement abillities that would solve this issue?

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