Vertical Machining Centre Retrofit with Chinese Servo Drives Build Thread (NZ)

29 Jun 2020 22:07 #173146 by Becksvill

the bedways and the whole machine is like new. there is not a scratch on those bedways. original grinding marks all over it.

I think it has only had about 300 hrs on it from new. just need to retrofit it now. But really need to do my lathe first.

both cnc mills actually come with high pressure coolant pumps for through tool coolant. but it is not plumbed through the spindle. it comes in through a fitting at the bottom of the spindle and needs special toolholders. a pain to set up actually. so was never used on both machines. I am wondering at the moment how hard it would be to get one of the fittings the cncs all use and the plumb the coolant through the spindle I have a hole at least in my spindle. I don't want to damage them though so have to check it out. coolant on bearings wouldn't last long lol

got a full week on my first cnc machine making parts for now so might start next week. its nice to have the first cnc pay for itself though so fast
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30 Jun 2020 14:26 #173192 by giz
Awesome! Good to hear you're finding work and making money. That new machine sounds like a great find, and you'll have it up and running quick now that you have the first project under your belt.

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