NativeCAM is Features renamed

03 Jul 2018 15:46 #113329 by FernV
Replied by FernV on topic NativeCAM is Features renamed
Hi Brenda,

If you use
ncam -i BrendaCNC.ini  -t -c mill
more than one time on the same ini file, it will fool the EMBED_TAB_COMMAND line

If for any reason you think you should start over, delete your BrendaCNC.ini file then restore the back-up BrendaCNC.ini.bak file to BrendaCNC.ini
Or you can make sure you first remove every lines that are # required NativeCAM item :

EMBED_TAB_COMMAND line should look something like :
EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = gladevcp -x {XID} -U --catalog=mill /usr/share/linuxcnc/aux_gladevcp/NativeCAM/ncam.ui


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03 Jul 2018 16:17 - 04 Jul 2018 00:21 #113333 by BrendaEM
Thank you, but I have been deleting the NativeCam .ini entries on each try, even the one it places in the [RS274NGC] section.

I have installed the official LinuxCNC distro. This fresh install hasn't been updated yet. I am afraid.

I do the invocation:
ncam -i BrendaCNC.ini  -t -c mill

It copies its files, starts, asserts, and tells me it has to restart.
I launch LinuxCNC, and I am greeted with a NativeCAM tab, which is blank and unpopulated.

It might be a red herring (false lead) but last time, I installed it embedded on the right of Axis, first before using it in a tab.

I've tried commenting out all of the spindle GUI references--including the custom_postgui.hal ones, though they may not be commented out in the uploaded .ini.

Last time it took me hours to get it working; this time it has been days.
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04 Jul 2018 01:57 - 04 Jul 2018 01:59 #113366 by BrendaEM
The original problem was: not only were the / comments not showing up in Axis, but also the tool-paths themselves. Yes, I saw that as I read all 55 pages of this thread, leaving me way tired.

I believe I have the new installation working.

The problem was likely that I had not upgraded LinuxCNC to 2.7.14.
  1. Removed the ncam folder from the LinuxCNC configuration folder
  2. Deleted the ncam entries from the .ini. (Make sure you have backups)
  3. Removed NativeCam using synaptic
  4. Upgraded LinuxCNC and its depends (only)
  5. Rebooted the computer
  6. Reinstalled NativeCam
  7. Invoked a:
    ncam -i BrendaCNC.ini  -t -c mill

I hope that helps someone.

It appears to work, but I did find one sample file that crashed it.
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21 Nov 2022 23:18 #257272 by hitchhiker
Hi!where can i found this modificated Nativecam?!!
its great to get all the single process like turning a radius in or outside...
that is what i missed...

hope there is a sorce?!


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22 Nov 2022 05:59 #257302 by Aciera
Have a look here:

Beware that NativeCam is written in python2. LinuxCNC has dropped support of python2 with Version 2.9.

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22 Nov 2022 06:50 #257303 by hitchhiker

Hi Fern,

i have created some icons for the lathe-menu and also edited the menu.xml

<menu action='tools' name=_("Tool")_ icon="lathe-tool.png">
<menuitem action='ch_tool' name=_("Change Cutter")_ tool_tip= _("Change cutter")_ icon="lathe-tool-change.png" src="lathe/tool-change.cfg"/>
<menu action='cutting' name=_("Cutting")_ icon="threading.png">
<menuitem action='boring' name=_("Boring")_ tool_tip= _("Boring")_ icon="lathe-surface-id.png" src="lathe/boring.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='turning' name=_("Turning")_ tool_tip= _("Turning")_ icon="lathe-surface.png" src="lathe/turning.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='parting' name=_("Parting")_ tool_tip= _("Parting")_ icon="lathe-depth-step.png" src="lathe/parting.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='facing' name=_("Facing")_ tool_tip= _("Cut face")_ icon="lathe-facing.png" src="lathe/facing.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='threading' name=_("Threading")_ tool_tip= _("Threading")_ icon="threading.png" src="lathe/threading.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='radius_od' name=_("Radius OD")_ tool_tip= _("Radius OD")_ icon="lathe-half-ball-od.png" src="lathe/radius_od.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='radius_id' name=_("Radius ID")_ tool_tip= _("Radius ID")_ icon="lathe-half-ball-id.png" src="lathe/radius.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='taper_ida' name=_("Taper IDA")_ tool_tip= _("inside diameter taper")_ icon="lathe-taper_ida.png" src="lathe/taper_ida.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='taper_idl' name=_("Taper IDL")_ tool_tip= _("Inside taper by length and small/large diameter/radius")_ icon="lathe-taper-idl.png" src="lathe/taper_idl.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='taper_idla' name=_("Taper IDLA")_ tool_tip= _("Taper IDLA")_ icon="lathe-taper-idla.png" src="lathe/taper_idla.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='taper_oda' name=_("Taper ODA")_ tool_tip= _("Taper ODA")_ icon="lathe-taper-oda.png" src="lathe/taper_oda.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='taper_odl' name=_("Taper ODL")_ tool_tip= _("Taper ODL")_ icon="lathe-taper-odl.png" src="lathe/taper_odl.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='taper_odla' name=_("Taper ODLA")_ tool_tip= _("Taper ODLA")_ icon="lathe-taper-odla.png" src="lathe/taper_odla.cfg"/>
<menu action='misc' name=_('Miscellaneous')_ icon='misc.png'>
<menuitem action='group_std' name=_('Standard Group')_ tool_tip=_('Group subroutines')_ icon="group.png" src="group.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='gcode_file' name=_('Insert a G Code File')_ tool_tip= _('Include a custom gcode file')_ icon="file-gcode.png" src="i_gcode.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='gcode' name=_('Custom G Code')_ tool_tip= _('Write custom gcode')_ icon="gcode.png" src="gcode.cfg"/>
<menuitem action='stock' name=_('Material')_ tool_tip=_('Group subroutines')_ icon="group.png" src="lathe/material.cfg"/>

<toolitem action='ch_tool' />
<toolitem action='facing' />
<toolitem action='turning' />
<toolitem action='boring' />
<toolitem action='parting' />
<toolitem action='radius_od' />
<toolitem action='radius_id' />
<toolitem action='taper_ida' />
<toolitem action='taper_idla' />
<toolitem action='taper_idl' />
<toolitem action='taper_oda' />
<toolitem action='taper_odl' />
<toolitem action='taper_odla' />
<toolitem action='threading' />
<toolitem action='group_std' />
<toolitem action='gcode' />
<toolitem action='gcode_file' />
</toolbar >

use it if you want.


i mean this...

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22 Nov 2022 06:55 - 22 Nov 2022 06:57 #257304 by hitchhiker
i mean the modifications for nativcam in the above message...

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