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26 Jan 2022 20:39 #233226 by tommylight

Hi! "some" time has passed so I would like to ask how did the Stahlwerk Cut 100 work out as a CNC plasma cutter power source?

Kind regards/Stefan

I never got it, living in this country is going from shitty to extremely tough, the power just got a price hike of exactly 242 % !
I friend had a CUT 70 from StahlWerk and it worked perfectly well, granted does not like having the torch to far from material when firing, 3 to 4mm are ok, at 5 it occasionally fails to start.
Now i am trying to get a Kzubr (some Russian Chinese abomination) and i was told they have one here for 600E, it says 100A but i would bet my life it will not do over 50 or 60, but i am ready to be amazed ! :)
Do remind me in a week or two.
BTW the 70A Stamos (or similar) that he bought instead of StahlWerk also works fine, been something like 4 months without issues.
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